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The earthquake hit the Japan in the year 2011

On Friday (yesterday, date of 11 March 2011) all the world’s eyes turned to Japan, since a massive earthquake measuring 8.9 Richter scale shook the southern coast of Japan, exactly at 130km east of Sendai, Honshu, or the southeastern city tokyo.
according to information obtained from the Japanese meteorological agency, that it is one of the largest earthquakes in the last 100 years than the earthquake – earthquake which hit the country earlier Japanese, because previously only a magnitude 7.2 SR.

And the source of the devastating earthquake in 2011, this is just like an earthquake – caused by a previous earthquake fault impulse (thrust faulting), so the rocks located at the bottom of the earth’s crust is pushed to the upper layers of Earth’s plates other.
The quake also caused devastating tsunami waves that reached about 10 meters.

The quake also triggered devastating fires that swept the world’s fifth-largest steelmaker, JFE Holdings Inc in Chiba.

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