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facebook will be closed at this month

Several months ago we all would have heard of an issue that is to say that facebook will be closed at this month.
This is certainly troubling the facebook addict that day – the day is always not be separated with facebook, especially for agents – business agents who reap huge profits through the facebook.
But is it true that up to the close of this month?
I was one who waited – waited for the existence of this decision, and now awaited moment has come.
some say up to the closing date of 11 months, there is also the 15th, and there is also a 31.
I write this on 16, meaning there are still some days to 31.

Is it true that the news about up to the close of this month is the right thing – really would be a mark.
But there are also some sources that say that it is the only issue, in which event it actually is to be held a day without facebook world.
some are saying that it is a hoax news / lie from an online media news disseminator – hoax.
and I just think that it just caused a media who want to display breaking news so that they are famous.
or preaching aimed at destroying the company’s facebook, facebook Because of all this is the fastest growing site in the world (Rank 2 after Google).
It usually occurs in the competitive world of business.

But whatever the type of news, we just could not believe it could be.
My advice is, we can only get ready – ready in anticipation of even if it is true that up to the close of this month.
Can you imagine what would happen if  facebook really – really closed?

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